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The areas of Fort Rock and Christmas Valley are known as the “dairy alfalfa hay capitol of the West.” The arid desert is not so dry when it comes to farm production. Drawing ground water from wells, (one of the original wells that Henry Parks drilled at the Poplars Ranch is still in use today) the Fort Rock Valley alfalfa is renowned throughout the western United States and Pacific Islands, as well as Japanese and Asian markets, as the best for quality dairy hay.

Fort Rock
, Oregon is located 75 miles southeast of Bend, Oregon, and 125 miles northeast of Klamath Falls, Oregon. A product of volcanic activity, the sandy loam soils are what the alfalfa plants thrive in. The sandy soil and unique weather conditions consisting of cooler temperatures in this 4300 foot elevation high desert valley make for the perfect scenario producing high protein, fine stem, leafy alfalfa. Since sprinkler irrigation was introduced in the area, alfalfa hay has been the predominant crop here for decades.

The science of alfalfa hay production in the Fort Rock/Christmas Valley region results in moderate day time temperatures and cool seasonal nights making the crop grow slowly creating fine stem hay that is rich in protein and nutrients. This alfalfa crop is a necessary feed that will definitely boost milk production in the dairy cow. Our region’s quality of alfalfa is sought after in both the organic and conventional dairy hay markets. At the Poplars Ranch, we produce both organic and conventional alfalfa, and grain hay in 3x4 big bales and 3-tie bales.

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